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Our Model

Nothing should stand between you and the healthcare you deserve.

At Elevation Athletics, YOU are at the center of every decision.

Your care is based on your goals and long-term health.

Your healthcare experience can impact your life forever.

"Do you take my insurance?"

We take an individualized, whole-person, goal driven approach with our patients.

We are proud to provide transparency, autonomy, and effective treatment without restrictions created by insurance companies.

We know how important it is to get you back to your active lifestyle.

This is why our practice does not submit claims to insurance.

Because your physical and mental well-being is our priority, we have chosen not to be limited by insurance companies.

We are a self-pay clinic. This is intentional and allows our Doctors to provide the best care that you deserve. Insurance based models limit quality and efficiency of care due to high patient volumes, and short unsupervised treatment.

Through 60+ minute 1-on-1 sessions, we can focus on providing the highest quality of care for our patients.

Patient may pay for services via credit card, HSA, FSA, or cash. Patients can also submit a paid bill to their insurance for possible reimbursement depending on their plan.

We’re all about top level healthcare so that YOU can get the results you deserve.

Let’s get you back to what you love!

What Our Patients Are Saying

"I sustained a rotator cuff tear 15 years ago and another SLAP tear in March 2021. After basic physical therapy, I was able to get my full range of motion back, but still couldn't do any Crossfit workouts that involved my upper body. I couldn't even strict press a 35# barbell because of the pain. I was headed to surgery. My friend recommended Doc Ryan and I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a consultation. After almost 8 months of not being able to use my upper body for any lifting or gymnastics moves, he had me lifting that 35# barbell ON MY FIRST DAY!! WITH NO PAIN! I was flabbergasted. One little adjustment in my technique. Only meeting with me once a week, he reviewed my limitations, gave me training plans (in the style of workouts I'm used to), and expected me to put in the time on my own (not just waste money seeing him 3 days a week like an everyday PT). By my 5th session, I was back on the rig, doing banded kipping pullups. At that point, it had been a year since I could do those without pain. I cried because I knew Doc Ryan had me going in the right direction and I wouldn't be facing surgery and another year long recovery. I am 3 months into my therapy, finished with my sessions, and doing almost 100% of the movements I could perform before my injury. At full capacity (no more bands) and without pain. He understood my workouts aren't just about being fit. They are my mental health, my passion and my social time. This was more than just PT sessions. This was me getting my life back and enjoying it." -MM

"The staff at Elevation Athletics are top notch with first class service! At Elevation Athletics you are not just another insurance claim and your treatment is not restricted by what your insurance allows. At Elevation Athletics you are an individual patient with unique needs and a unique treatment plan. From the first contact to the final appointment, Ryan and his staff personalize your PT for your unique situation. We took my son here for PT after he broke his wrist in baseball. I loved that when I first called to make an appointment, they spent nearly 30 minutes on the phone with me asking about my son’s injury and making sure he would be able to meet our needs. They customized a rehab plan specifically to help my son return to baseball and he made sure my son was strong, if not stronger, once he finished his course of therapy. Unlike the traditional PT clinical setting, they do not ask their patients to come in multiple times a week. Instead, they spend time at each appointment on treatment modalities followed by focused work that the athlete/patient can do at home. They expect their patients to put in the work to recover and return to their activities but they always make sure their patients have what they need and understand their treatment plan. This is PT like it should be!" -JW

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